Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier Skin Naturals

Hi Guys,

I am back with the review of a new product.

Makeup removal has always been a problem to me especially, after a long and tiring day. Most of the makeup removers give you panda looking eyes after you have applied smudge proof or waterproof kohls. Even constant rubbing may harm your skin. So, a good makeup removal product is a must have for any girl. So let’s check out my experience with a new makeup removal product.

Micellar Cleansing Water

SM2 (2)

All-in-One Micellar Cleansing Water that purifies & removes makeup in 1 gesture. Enriched with Micelles, it captures and lifts away residue from face, eyes & lips like a magnet. No need to rub to get rid of impurities & make-up. Its refreshing formula is non- sticky, non-oily, without perfume and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Shelf Life-36 months

Price-175 INR

Packaging– Cute transparent bubbly bottle with pink cap.



Net weight– Comes in 2 variants (125 ml and 400 ml)


How to use it

  • Pour onto cotton.
  • Press Lightly for a few seconds.
  • Swipe away gently

My experience with this Micellar water:


  • No harsh rubbing required while cleaning your makeup.
  • Good for normal everyday light makeup.
  • Odour free and colorless
  • Cute transparent bottle lets you check the level of left out product.
  • Doesn’t make skin dry after use.
  • No alcohol-Suitable for all skin types.
  • No need to rinse your face.
  • Dermatologically and ophtalmologically tested.


  • Not too effective with long lasting or waterproof makeup.
  • Not too travel friendly as it is little bulky.

My rating-4.5/5

2 thoughts on “Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier Skin Naturals

  1. Hi Swati

    I would love to try out this make remover next time, since my current one is about to finish. 😊

    If you get a chance, do give us a review on some budget friendly make-up wipes.


    Liked by 1 person

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